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Project & Program Management Consulting

When clients want a surefire way to plan and control their projects, they go with Innovatd. We’ve got the proven methodology to make it smooth sailing!

Here at Innovatd, we’re all about working together with our clients to provide essential Project & Program Management solutions and top-notch consulting services. Our secret sauce? Our ClearPath™ Approach – our unique approach to Delivery Management that cuts through the clutter and simplifies the path to success!

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Got An Urgent Project or Program That Is Going Off Track?

Is your critical project heading for trouble, with urgent needs and potential risks? Don’t let your reputation and investment be jeopardized. Take action now and reach out to us. We specialize in rescuing failing Projects and Programs, and our team is ready to discuss how we can bring our expertise to bear on your situation. Together, we’ll navigate the challenges and turn your initiatives into a success story you can be proud of. Let’s get started today!

Why Innovatd?

At Innovatd, we pride ourselves on three key assets: our exceptional consultants, our proven methodology, and our cutting-edge technology. These valuable resources are at the core of our mission to give our clients a winning edge in executing their time-sensitive Deliverables.

Our highly skilled consultants are certified in both Project Management and Agile. They bring a wealth of expertise to the table and follow our time-tested methodology to ensure delivery teams create and maintain credible plans.

To streamline project management, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art technology and tools. These innovations automate tedious tasks, keeping costs low and allowing our client’s team members to remain fully engaged without feeling overwhelmed. We believe that efficiency and productivity go hand in hand.

When you partner with Innovatd, you can expect a dedicated team of consultants tailored to your unique needs and urgency. We assemble a custom team with the right blend of experience and expertise, ensuring every aspect of your undertaking receives the attention it deserves.

Let’s collaborate and unlock the full potential of your initiative. At Innovatd, we’re committed to your success. Reach out to us today, and let’s embark on a journey of achievement together.

The Innovatd Benefits are Clear!

Immediate Visibility: Gain insights from day one on your project’s feasibility and expected finish date.

Promote Buy-In and Commitment: Our project plans are based on team member buy-in and commitment, ensuring success.

Trust The Plan: Make informed business decisions with accurate and complete schedules at your disposal.

Assurances on Progress: Track weekly positive gains to keep your expected finish date on track.

Early Warning System: Receive alerts if progress slows, allowing for timely corrective actions and avoiding delays.

Executive Status: Access an Executive Dashboard for quick evaluation of key milestones and corrective actions.

Aligned Execution: Our weekly control process keeps schedules current and team members engaged and accountable.

Empowering your Projects: A closer Look at Our Services

Our expert consultants offer a range of services designed to take the weight off your shoulders. Let’s dive into what we bring to the table:

  • Strategic Project Leadership: Our skilled consultants lead large cross-functional teams, steering your strategic projects with confidence and expertise.
  • Defining Project Scope and Goals: We work closely with you to create program charters that lay out clear objectives and project scope.
  • Masterful Scheduling: Leave the scheduling complexities to us. We’ll handle high-level and detailed schedules, identifying key activities, durations, resources, and responsibilities.
  • Efficient Staffing Analysis: Ensuring you have the right team members in place, we’ll analyze and optimize staffing to keep your project on track.
  • Unleashing the Time-Cost Tradeoff: With our insights, we’ll validate schedules and explore opportunities to optimize project timelines and costs.
  • Metrics and Governance: Our consultants establish governance procedures, standard reports, metrics, and templates, enabling informed decision-making & keeping all stakeholders informed.
  • Work Breakdown Simplified: We break down the project work into clear structures, identifying phases, deliverables, and activities, ensuring seamless execution.
  • Project Management Training: Empowering you is our priority. We provide hands-on instruction in project management tools and methods.
  • Expertise in Project Software: Count on us to be your on-site experts, skillfully handling project management software tools, and making project execution a breeze.

At Innovatd, your projects are our priority. Let us handle the complexities while you focus on success. Together, we’ll create a path to achievement. Reach out to us today, and let’s make your projects soar!

Our Expertise

Having served a diverse range of clients, we have had the privilege of partnering with numerous organizations, from startups to multinational corporations, across various industries.

Our reach spans 25 countries and regions, allowing us to partner with clients around the world. This global experience enables us to bring a diverse perspective and valuable insights to every project we undertake.

With 20+ years of expertise, trust our team to deliver exceptional results. Benefit from our extensive experience in delivering outstanding results. Let us guide your business further toward success.

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