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Who Is Innovatd?

Innovatd is a versatile and agile consulting powerhouse, specializing in Project, Program, and Portfolio Management, alongside Transformative Digital Solutions. Our interdisciplinary team empowers organizations, delivering cutting-edge strategies and fostering Digital Transformation. Join us on a journey of innovation and excellence, where success knows no bounds. We pride ourselves on delivering results and creating exceptional value for our clients. Read more.

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Why Innovatd?

Innovatd is your go-to partner in achieving excellence across Projects, Programs, Portfolios, and Digital transformation. We thrive on hands-on collaboration, offering mission-critical consulting services that drive remarkable outcomes.

Our secret sauce? It’s our proven Clear Path™ Approach — the heartbeat of our success story. With Innovatd by your side, you’re in the hands of expert certified consultants who bring their A-game to every initiative. From inception to completion, we navigate complexities, streamline processes, and ensure nothing but triumphant success.

Your projects are our passion, and we are committed to making them shine. Trust in Innovatd, where your visions become reality. Embark on a journey of triumph and unparalleled results. Together, we achieve remarkable success stories, conquering challenges one step at a time!

Some Of Our Latest Successful Project Deliveries

Challenge: Launching the first airline in the country in 15 years was no small feat. Regulatory hurdles, including delayed CASA approval, added complexity to the project timeline.

Solution: Undeterred, our project management team at Innovatd rose to the challenge. We recalibrated our strategic plan, factoring in potential delays and enhancing risk mitigation strategies.

Result: Despite the obstacles, our meticulous approach paid off. The airline successfully took flight, delighting passengers with a groundbreaking customer experience. Our adaptability ensured a triumphant launch against all odds.

Impact: Our client’s determination, combined with our expert guidance, carved a new path in the aviation landscape. This case study stands as a testament to our resilience and unwavering commitment to turning dreams into reality.

Challenge: Overhauling this Telcommunications’ Giant Operations required overcoming complexities like geographically dispersed teams, internal collaboration, and customer demands. Identifying the right areas for transformation posed additional challenges.

Solution: Our team at Innovatd devised a multi-faceted approach. We collaborated closely with internal stakeholders and customer groups, leveraging offshore teams to optimize efficiency. Utilizing Transition and time-motion studies, we prioritized areas for Digital Transformation.

Result: The results were transformative! The Organization’s Operations witnessed remarkable efficiency gains ranging from a minimum of 30% to an impressive maximum of 80%. The meticulously planned Digital Transformation revolutionized processes, making operations more streamlined and agile, using AI and Machine Learning.

Impact: Our success reverberated across the organization, setting new standards for operational excellence. The Client experienced heightened customer satisfaction and increased productivity, fueling growth in a highly competitive market.

Challenge: Introducing 5G technology in the country demanded trailblazing efforts. This groundbreaking project required navigating uncharted territories, addressing technical complexities, and ensuring seamless integration with existing networks.

Solution: Our team at Innovatd embraced innovation with a forward-looking strategy. Collaborating closely with our client, we meticulously planned the implementation, addressing technical intricacies, and devising efficient deployment methodologies.

Result: The project’s impact was revolutionary. The Country embraced the next generation of connectivity with the successful rollout of 5G core technology. The nation’s digital landscape transformed, offering faster speeds, lower latency, and unlocking the full potential of emerging technologies.

Impact: Our partnership heralded a new era of connectivity and possibilities. From autonomous vehicles to smart cities, the 5G core implementation set the stage for the Country’s digital future. Consumers, businesses, and industries are continuing to reap the benefits of enhanced connectivity and data capabilities.

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